Dr. Sc. (Economics), Prof.,
Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Director General of the Research Institute for System Statistical Studies
03150, P.O.Box 159, Rive, Ukraine
ORCID 0000-0003-1753-0422

PhD (Economics), Docent of Statistical Department
SHEI “Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman”
04053, Kyiv, Lvivska square, 14
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In the context of the crises aggravation Ukraine has been facing in recent months, we have to talk about an objective question regarding the need to formulate a new substance of the national idea, which would become the spiritual basis of state formation, as well as a factor both the consolidation of Ukrainian society with the subsequent development of an appropriate level of national consciousness and the identity of the citizens of the country. However, the question of the basis on which the concept of the Ukrainian national idea should be formed is still controversial both in society and the expert community.

The purpose of the article is to form on the foundation of the democratic solidarism ideology such a concept that would include the determination of, in particular, basic national interests and public policy measures, the implementation of which, in turn, would contribute to the formation of the economic fundamentals of a new type of society, and namely—the state of solidary owners.

It’s proved that in terms of its substance, the national idea is a multidimensional and multilayer concept that forms a certain ideal as a guideline for the development of the nation and synthesizes fundamental values and interests which contribute to the harmonization of all social groups of the country’s population.

It’s emphasized that, being a spiritual category, the national idea includes, in particular, economic and political components, which should be reflected in program documents, state programs, strategies and practical activities of political parties, public organizations, etc.

It’s shown, that that it is the state, which owns the fullness of national sovereignty and acts as the main mechanism for translation the national idea that should first formulate such an ideology of organizing the economic system that would be based on a fundamentally new, namely, solidary form of ownership.

Developing this conceptual idea, the authors propose, firstly, to introduce into the scientific circulation the formulation of a number of fundamentally new economic categories, and, secondly, to improve those that are already used in the scientific literature.

It’s determined on the basis of which particular sources the funds of universal basic income and lifetime prosperity can be formed.

Formulating conclusions and recommendations, the authors prove that a vital level of the effectiveness of the functioning of the national economy can arise only under the system of its state regulation, which will be based on the above new and improved categories.

Keywords: Ukrainian national idea, the concept of democratic solidarism, economic categories, solidary ownership, universal basic income, lifetime prosperity, sources of social funds emergence, the national economy regulation model, level and quality of life of the people.

Introduction. In recent years—as, incidentally, always in the era of economic shocks and social turmoils— in Ukraine, the next stage of a broad political discussion about the Ukrainian national idea has been formed.

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