In addition, during the transition period, it is necessary to preserve individual ministries and departments to regulate the economic sphere, which operates on market principles, as well as customs service for relations with the outside world.
15. The structure of organic vital needs of citizens and the mechanism for its improvement are developed and approved.

16. Public requirements for managers for all types of objects of management are approved.
17. In accordance with the Government Decree, joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, and individual entrepreneurial entities are transformed into joint forms: joint-public enterprises, joint-collective enterprises, joint-family enterprises.

18. The Federal Law on the phased development of a new target system for raising funds for general needs – the CNSG (previously called the tax service) – is being adopted.
19. The Federal Law on new joint budgetary rules is adopted.
20. The Federal Law on the reorganization of the branches “Science and scientific services” and “Education” is being adopted.
21. The necessary legislative and regulatory documents are being adopted to transform the management system from hierarchical to networked.

22. The Federal Law on the transfer of power from top to bottom is taken to the extent that members of the new governing subsystem assume responsibility for ensuring the vital activity of the population.

The above and other necessary measures will be carried out in an iterative manner with the establishment of reliable and reliable feedback for the practical implementation of the principle of “win-win”. The existing structures of the governing subsystem of the hierarchical order will temporarily coexist with the new network structures and their transformation will be based on the opinion of the network of citizens, which will be formed in the form of a referendum.

Enterprises with non-offshore foreign ownership will continue to operate under the same conditions. To protect their legitimate economic interests, a special Foreign Investment Council will be created with the participation of interested representatives of foreign governments.

These and other necessary transformations are carried out in accordance with the new recommendations that will be generated by the country’s scientific divisions. It is also possible to attract scientists from other countries.

We must be aware that the process of transforming social and economic relations in the country will be very painful for the representatives of the existing management subsystem and quite long. With a national consensus on the ultimate goal of a country’s development, in our opinion, one should not rush to details and private issues. The main issues relating to ordinary people should be resolved by citizens themselves within the framework of the general Concept of solidarism. The principle of “win-win” should consistently provide comfort for people not only in the distant future, but also during the transformations themselves.

At the same time, the most vital vital need of each person will be realized – the need for own responsibility for one’s own destiny.

Solidarism is the unconditional and guaranteed satisfaction of the vital (vital) needs of every citizen of a country.

Solidarism is the overcoming of the anarchy of the capitalist market on the basis of jointly planned levers of public administration, focused not on abstract growth of gross indicators of the economy, but on meeting the elevated vital needs of people and preserving nature for our descendants.

Solidarism is an evolutionary transition from the dictates of the US Fed and money, which carry the functions of “credit money” and “means of accumulation”, to a new medium of exchange in the economy, which we call the Metric Means of Exchange.

Solidarism is a state of owners whose citizens build their future at their own expense and under their responsibility.

Solidarism is a transition from capitalist to popular globalization based on the solidarity of the associated owners of all countries.

Solidarism is the economic foundation of a mutually beneficial and indefinite world peace.

The model of solidarism is an objective outcome of the natural processes of the evolution of consciousness in the socio-economic and technical terms. It is created and developed not as an alternative to capitalism or a market economy, but instead. The era ended with an eye on the economic fantasies of the “end of history.” The era of the solidary model of the economy begins, which will be widely spread throughout the world. The unification of the peoples of the world on the platform of goodwill instead of capitalist globalization is the goal and the only possible way out of the current global crisis.


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