Event Schedule

The conference schedule considers the following main areas of scientific discussion and exchange of practical opinion points.

Based on the «Manifest of the International Academy of Solidarism» Project the following topics will be discussed:

1. New socio-economic Schedule of the day: where is the world going?
2. From capitalism to solidarity: good thinking as a format for the evolution of consciousness.
3. Solidarity as a socio-economic structure.
4. Models of solidarity economy.
5. Political science of solidarity.
6. Basic concepts to build a state of co-owners.
7. Discussion and adoption of the «Manifest of the International Solidarity Academy» project.

Based on the project «Model of the national economy of Ukraine», the following topics will be discussed:

1. National Resource Inventory Model.
2. Technological modernization of the national economy of Ukraine.
3. Solidarization of property in the conditions of Ukraine.
4. People's money as a tool to pay federal debt and economic recovery.
5. Formation of an indicative macroeconomic planning model.
6. Reform the fiscal and budgetary system.
7. Strengthening the role of banks in the rise of the real sector of the economy.
8. Small businesses as the most important engine of democratization and economic efficiency.
9. Strengthening the role of communities in the development of the economy and the strengthening of the state. Change of the economic functions of the government and the development of electronic (digital) democracy.