The IAS was created by like-minded people living in Spain, the USA, Russia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Greece, Palestine, Israel and is registered in the Kingdom of Spain, Torrevieja.


The IAS is scientifically educational network structure uniting supporters of the creation of a new social and economic formation – Solidarism who creates Good.

The Solidarism who creates Good

organically includes the concepts: «good thoughts» и «good construction».

Good thoughts

reflecting the evolution of human consciousness, being a good basis for solidarism.

Good Construction

is a Solidarism production method of producing material and spiritual goods.

Democracy of Solidarity includes three interrelated basic components:

Economic democracy

- property that works for the benefit of society as a whole and for each member personally.

Social democracy

- meritocracy, meaning the free natural authority of publicly appointed civil society leaders.

Political democracy

- relations of the Power and the People on the principle of «win-win».

The main economic condition
the Solidarism who creates Good is:



The Solidarity who creates Good is :

unconditional and guaranteed satisfaction of the vital needs of every citizen of the country.

The way to Solidarism offers the formation of a planned exchange model of a new type of economy.

Overcome the anarchy of the capitalist market, on the basis of public administration solidarity levers, oriented not to the abstract growth of gross economic indicators, and to meet the growing vital needs of people and the preservation of nature for our descendants.

The evolutionary transition from the dictatorship of the financial oligarchy and modern money to a new means of circulation in the economy, with only two functions: «value measurement» and «means of circulation».

In the state of the associated private owners whose citizens build the future at the expense and under their responsibility.

The transition from capitalism to the people of globalization on the basis of the solidarity of the associated private owners of all countries.